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Start Your Own Training Business And Achieve The Career Income, Satisfaction, And Freedom You Deserve

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Toplevel trainer

Introducing The Top-Level Trainer Licensing Program

The TLT Licensing Program is a one of its kind business operations, and training system that will help you set up an independent training practice that produces over 100K in yearly revenue, in under 90 days.  Not only that, but it will lay the foundation for you to achieve even further future growth and financial success in the training industry.

Who is this Licensing Program for?

If you have a passion for fitness and are looking for a proven business and career track, the TLT LICENSING PROGRAM is for you. You will achieve a six figure training business in 90 days, and create the foundation for even greater success. We have used these techniques to produce tens of millions of dollars in training revenue in just the past few years. No matter who you are, where you are, or your experience level, this will be the start of your fitness industry success story.

Meet Our Founder: Kaiser Serajuddin

Kaiser Serajuddin is the founder of Better Body Bootcamp, America’s most successful privately owned training program. With no investors, partners, or venture capital, Kaiser created an outstanding business achieving incredible results from the ground up. This was achieved through an equal focus on business strategy and training quality. His principles and strategies are now available exclusively with the Top Level Trainer Program.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in Top-Level Trainer, that we can give you the most insane guarantee the training industry has ever seen. We promise that if you utilize the full power of the Licensing Program, you will achieve a 100K yearly revenue rate (that’s 8,333 a month or $277 a day), in 90 days or less. If you don’t, we’ll either give you all your money back or work with you FOR FREE until you do.

Best-In-Class In Training

  • A complete branding and marketing suite designed to create instant demand for your fitness services
  • A training system and structure designed to earn you the highest rates
  • Propriety training strategies designed to give your services the highest possible perceived value
  • Marketing strategies to keep clients flooding in on a consistent basis
  • Training techniques that get your clients results and help you retain them for the long term
  • Deal-making templates to secure venues to train out of, and create referral networks to bring you more clients
  • Top-notch support to guide you all the way to your desired earnings level, and troubleshoot any roadblocks along the way
  • Logo, uniform, and marketing materials to create an instant high level impression in your marketplace

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